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Installation & Activation


The installation of CRM Round Route Add-on consists of the typical process of importing a solution to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

To be able to use the Add-On Silverlight is required to be installed. You can check if you have Silverlight, or install it on

  1. Choose the Settings section in the left bottom part of the CRM window; then click on Solutions above; then click on the Import button.
    installation step 1
  2. Click on Browse. Choose the previously downloaded installation file in your computer (usual name is, confirm it and click on the Next button.
    installation step 2
  3. After loading the installation file, CRM shows the basic information about the solution. Click on the Next button again.
  4. After the installation (it can take a while), a protocol will be displayed. Close the window by clicking on Close button.
    installation step 4
    Installation can end up with a warning. A warning usualy doesn't mean anything to concern. Eg. it can be caused by not exactly matching set of languages in the installation package and your instance of CRM.
  5. CRM Round Route will be displayed among other solutions.
    installation step
  6. CRM Round Route is now ready for use.
    Switch to the view of Accounts (Sales section). The Round Route icon should be displayed in the right part of the Ribbon menu. If not, try to refresh your browser (F5), delete Temporary Internet Files (Ctrl+Shift+Del) or as a last option restart your IIS server (iisreset).
    After the install, the Add-On works in the trial mode (number of records and speed limited). The process of activation is described below. The first run of the Add-On can be slower due to the first loading of the Silverlight plugin.
  7. We hope you will enjoy using our CRM Round Route Add-On!

Buying and activation of the license

  1. First, you need to know your CRM Organization Unique Name. You find it at the Settings section - Customizations - Developer Resources as the first item.
  2. Input your CRM Organization Unique Name to the form on page Buy and continue the process.
  3. Once you got your license number by email, run your CRM, open Settings section - Customizations - Customize the System.
  4. Locate the component with name "ort_RRlicense" and double-click it. (You can find it faster by choosing to show only Web Resources.)
  5. Once opened, click on the button "Text Editor", insert your license number into the field, click on OK.
  6. In the window of the Web Resource, click on the Save button in the Ribbon and then click on the Publish button.
  7. After publishing, your Add-On is activated. You can close other open windows.
  8. We hope you enjoy using our Add-On!

Installation of a new version

A new version of the Add-On can be installed without removing the former one. The upgrade process is very similar to the installation process described in the top of this page. During reinstall, it is important to keep selected option "Maintain customizations" (otherwise, your license number will be overwritten).


If you need to uninstall the Add-On, it is again the typical process of removing solutions in Microsoft CRM 2011.

  1. Choose the Settings section in the left bottom part of the CRM window; then click on Solutions above.
  2. Select Round Route in the list of solutions and click on Delete.
  3. Follow the process through dialog windows and wait for uninstallation to be complete.

If you stop using the Add-On entirely, please let us know what we can do better. Your feedback is important to us.

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