CRM Smart Add-Ons : Quick Quote Round Route NNRel


Play the video to see the basic functionality of our Add-On:


  • based on Google Maps - maps popular world-wide
  • distributed as Microsoft CRM Solution - easy to install, easy to uninstall
  • finds a route among up to nine addresses
  • works with Account entity; planned support for other entities
  • finds a route according to the expected time of driving (quality of roads concerned)
  • free trial version available
  • route interface available publically - test the abillities!
  • results can be adjusted or opened in the default Google Maps interface
  • button available in the ribbon of both the Accounts main grid and the Accounts subgrid (advanced search etc.)
  • proposes a correction or a removal of incorrect addresses
  • returns very well optimized route, which is usually the best one
  • units (kilometers/miles) are chosen automatically based on location