CRM Smart Add-Ons : Quick Quote Round Route NNRel

Documentation / How to use

Watch our video to see the features of the Add-On.

  1. Open the Accounts view, select up to nine records and click on the Round Route button in the menu at the top.
    • The button is available also on subgrids (Advanced Find, Related Records on a form, Subgrid on a form).
  2. Once clicked, a map is opened in a new window (or a tab) and a proposed route is displayed.
    • Also only one or two places can be shown - as a point or a simple route.
    • If some address cannot be found (wrong address, one address overseas) information is displayed and input can be corrected.
  3. The map is fully interactive (as any other Google Maps). Map can be zoomed, moved, switched to the satelite view, and points can be clicked.
  4. The panel on the left shows your itenarary with locations in the proposed order, distance and duration between pairs of locations. The locations can be modified, added or removed.
  5. If needed, the link under buttons can be used to show your result on Google Maps and use their full interface.